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You are welcome to pick up the puppy in person and meet it's parents. We love to meet the people who are adopting one of our puppies. 

If you prefer your puppy can also be shipped to a major airport in the US for $275 - $400 depending on the puppies size and destination. Shipping includes the flight, kennel, transportation to the airport, and vet health certificate. We use a transportation company that has a 45' trailer set up with heat, air, and air circulation system. They set up the flight arrangements, provide individual kennels, and transport the puppies to the airport on Thursdays and arrange for flights on Fridays. They spend the night so that no puppy is carsick at the time of their flight. They also make sure that they eat, drink, and are clean when they board the plane. They are loaded on the plane after the passengers and ride in an area that is temperature controlled the same as for passengers. They are taken off the plane prior to the passengers and taken to the Baggage Claims Office to await arrival of their new family. By following this process, they are exposed to less people and stress.
We accept payment through Pay-pal, credit card or cash. You will need to send me information on which puppy you are interested in, along with your full name, address, telephone number, email address, and which mode of transportation you prefer. If you are wanting the puppy shipped please include which major airport you want the puppy sent to.